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Master-piece was founded in Osaka, Japan, 1994 by Taichi Fujimatsu. Specialising in urban styled bags that are durable, functional and unisex, they’re known for using interesting materials and colours in order to merge design and functionality. The brand prides itself on the Japanese production processes of its in-house factories, based in Toyoka, roughly 20 minutes from the centre of Osaka. Their team of craftsmen are made up of a mix of young design graduates and master-craftmen with many years of bag-making experience.  The brand are also famous for collaborating with a variety of designers and brands. Their collaboration with legendary Porter designer Koichi Yamaguchi has been running for 3 seasons now, and has proven to be a firm favourite both in Japan and overseas.  The brand are set to open a flagship store in Osaka in September, 2010. The theme of the shop is « made in Japan » and aims to celebrate the high level crafstmanship, love and care that go into the production and design of each and every Master-piece product.  Read more about Master Piece.

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